India - Part 2

Day 8/9 – Saturday, Sunday 8/6,7

Saturday was pretty uneventful. We only went into the lab and worked for a couple of hours. Sunday was really cool though. Abi (one of the girls working in the lab) took Ningli and I around Chennai. First, she took us to a really big and old temple in the Northern part of the city. It was interesting to see all of the individual shrines around the place. There was also a very big shrine within the center of the temple. Unfortunately foreigners aren’t allowed in there so we stood on a bench to try and see inside. Then, we went to a really big silk store just outside the temple. Afterwards Abi took us to Express Avenue, which is a new mall in Chennai. It was really impressive and huge. Abi also got dinner with us and she ordered everything for us so we could have a proper vegetarian/Indian meal.

Day 10 – Monday 8/8

Professor Krishnaswamy showed up today to take a look at our setup and adjust anything that we needed help woth. We realized today that the crystal we have been using was broken. It was not giving the proper wave through the wedge. Professor Balasumbramaniam took us all out to lunch and showed us his startup company. At lunch I tried a buttermilk masala. It was a really weird drink made of milk, cilantro and hot peppers.

Day 11- Tuesday 8/9

Today was another typical day at the lab as far as our experiment is concerned. On our way out though, we were sitting on the couch in the reception area. After realizing there were a lot of bugs crawling around we looked a little harder to discover that the couch was the source of all our bed bug problems. The couch had a ton of bed bugs on it, which was pretty gross. Originally, we thought our bed bugs were coming from the hotel beds but I guess this ended up being the origin. For dinner, professor Krishnaswamy, Balasumbramaniam, Brad, Ningli and I went to dinner at professor K’s hotel.

Day 12 – Wednesday 8/10

On the way into work today we found a shortcut through the forest. It came out near the dorms on campus. Around the dorms were a bunch of monkeys but also an albino blackbuck. I guess this type of deer is endangered, so seeing an albino one has to be super rare. Here is the picture I took:

Day 13 – Thursday 8/11

At work today we got the experiment running really nicely. We got some great sets of data. Nothing more really happened but this dog near the hotel has started to recognize us. He comes and greets us every day on our way home from the lab.

Day 14 – Friday 8/12

Today we went down to the Central Chennai railway station to book our tickets for Bangalore. They have a special foreigners counter, which was pretty convenient for us. The train station was really interesting to see since I’ve never been to an actual one before.